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New exciting programs to treat lung diseases (including COPD), emphysema and asthma), osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other medical problems are continually being developed. Advances in Medicine (AIM) and Desert Medical Advances (DMA) are long time Coachella Valley institutions dedicated to providing free clinical programs with new medications to people in our region. These programs are all FDA approved and regulated. Additionally, all the program related costs including program medications, medical exams, labs, breathing tests, electrocardiograms, x-ray studies, etc. are fully covered by the program grants and free to you.

Desert Medical Advances continually have new clinical programs starting, so feel free to contact us to confirm if a new program may be of benefit to you. Our Doctors and staff are highly trained and qualified to perform clinical programs. To find out more about our doctors check out the About the Doctor area of our web site.
Our medical offices is located in Rancho Mirage California, central to the Coachella Valley for easy access by our patients.  To check out many frequently asked questions regarding clinical programs please go to the About Clinical Trials area.  

If you are interested  in learning more about our individual programs or partaking in one, call us at 760-341-6800, or check below your area of interest and we will email you information.

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